About eight years ago, I now can recall with nostalgia, the humble beginning from which our Church emerged, cradled at 4, Adegbola Street, Lawason, Surulere, with just 11 members on a Friday’s “Tarry Night”, on June 27th, 2003.
Victory Power Liberation Bible Church was inaugurated as a CHURCH, on 27th September 2003.
We fellowshipped again together the next Sunday Service, 29th June 2003.
In attendance on Sunday was 22 people and the story continued until the Grace of God, through His manifestation of DELIVERANCE, RESTORATION, BREAKTHROUGHS, HEALING, MIRACLES and the WORD, made us what we are today.
As at the end of October 2003, we had registered ONE HUNDRED MEMBERS and God continues in His work of wonders and faithfulness.
The anniversary of any occasion is a reflection on events that are past but never to be forgotten. It is a panorama of the challenges and Victories achieved inspite of all odds, disappointments, discouragements and derision.
One should not be daunted by all these most especially when one has a mission, a vision and an abiding faith in the “I AM”, the Almighty God. It is written in Matthew 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my CHURCH; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.
We had problems galore, we had to move house from time to time until we are where we are today, Praise God!
If accommodation alone had been the huddle, it would have been surmountable; but the great encouragement came from the Holy Spirit who became our “Paraklitos and motivator”, as well as other Pastors, Evangelists who saw and helped with their prayers and advice.
God became our beacon and hope. Or was he not the one behind the word – “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15)”. The voice of derision, the sneer of discouragement, the human “Wisdom” of hypocritical counseling, received the attention of God and was made worthless. This is to reaffirm this word in Matthew 16:18. What a prophetic encouragement from the Almighty and what a steadfastness in affirming His purpose.
We planted a seed of God’s work. The money was not there to pay any one, nor was anything present to attract human locusts. But God knows the minds and motives of everyone. There are Churches planted with dubious motivation – They sprout, perhaps blossomed for a while, and then die the death of the charlatan. With our total commitment to the call of God, we are where we are today! Hallelujah! Glory to God.
Three things made us tick.
First is the immense sacrifice of my little but faithfully committed initial 100 members and more is what you are witnessing today. Thanks to the Holy Spirit who stood by the folks and made them have the touch of Midas in all they laid their hands on. Nor must I forget the sacrifice of our members in Diaspora who never forget us in their commitment, morally, financially and prayerfully.
Secondly, our faith in the Lord, especially significant is the zeal and zest of our “ACTION WOMEN” members and their evangelistic vim. No matter their personal challenges and difficulties, they showed their marvelous faith in God’s power.
Thirdly, the Grace of God is infinitely sufficient unto us. The hand of God is mercifully on us and we now walking in His way and command.
All the formidable challenges are gradually triumphed in Christ Jesus, though the devil may roar like a lion looking for whom to devour but he cannot hurt us because we know the God we serve- Jehovah Elohim – the one who creates, rules and controls.
Our initial 100 members was a nucleus which today towers over 500 members from all the 36 states of the federation.