Department & Fellowships

THE LIBERATED MEN: – Men fellowship is cruising and crusting under the leadership of Elder Mfon James Jimmy – a dynamic and visionary leader. He is the overseer of the Men’s Fellowship. Here in Men’s Fellowship department, they believe that honesty, not perfection, is what God desires from Men as the PILLARS. He desires that Men should have open communication and fellowship with God, through the WORD, PRAYER and Loving God. He empowers Men to be true to God and with others. He always encourage Men as Pillars to love God, above all he wants Men to win in life and this could be done when we cultivate an authentic relationship with God. He encourage all Men to study the WORD and apply it in their homes and marriages.

ACTION WOMEN: – Women fellowship is the most viable and active fellowship in the Church under the President General of Evangelist (Mrs.) Elijah, backed up by Deaconess Ngozi Abalogu – the President of Women. Women are encouraged to submit to their husbands; to demonstrate the fruit of spirit which borders on LOVE, JOY PEACE, FAITH, TEMPERANCE, GOODNESS; LONGSUFFERING, GENTLENESS etc. women in this department are winning through Prayer, Praise, Word and Worship. They are taught that true humility is simply concerned with taking God’s course of action in every situation, which will always put others first. Living a life of self – Control is paramount as we encounter different types of people with different situations and backgrounds that strongly require us to exercise temperance. Women are the pivot which all progress, development and fulfillment accelerate. Beloved, welcome to Women Fellowship the engine of empowerment in the church. Here comes what they BELIEVE – RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE, PURSUE, OVERTAKE AND RECOVER ALL, MY OIL SHALL NOT DRY, BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN & BE YE MULTIPLY.

YOUTH FELLOWSHIP: – THE DYNAMIC YOUTHS:- The future Champion as popularly referred to: the light bearers of the church. Youth fellowship is under the leadership of an enviable person of Brother Selessor Ekanem Urua. This department so important has an overseer in the person of Pastor Favorite Titus an Assembly Pastor in the Headquarters church. Youths are moulded to accelerate their super journey of life and to reach the climax of their destinations on earth. Youths need understanding, wisdom that will propel them to full knowledge of JESUS.
We the Youths believe the ultimate objective of a successful life of a Youth to go from level to level by constantly experiencing growth and development in Christ Jesus. Youth are also equipped with the WORD to dismiss insecurities and fears that can paralyze them. Youths are encouraged to enjoy life in Christ Jesus to the fullest, choose to reflect on God’s perspective of their lives.
These are what the Youths Believe and teach: I SHALL BE USEFUL IN LIFE, TAKE THE LIMITES OFF.